Transforming Together | Pricing
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Fit is important, which is why our process focusses on phases that develop into a program of work.
Let’s meet! Discover if we can move forward together and build lasting outcomes in stages.


Our initial meeting (PHASE 1) allows us to introduce ourselves and our services. We’ll gain an understanding around your current professional learning plans and together we’ll identify focus areas to work on. We will then clarify the solutions we’re able to offer and explain how they will fit within your current schools context.

PHASE 1  comes at a cost of just $300.  As you firm up your commitment we enter PHASE 2, an additional $300,  where a collaborative program is developed with stakeholders based on specific needs and  future costs are confirmed accordingly.

As each schools requirements are different, it is difficult to confirm a price up front. As an example, should our brief be to work one-on-one with 5 members of staff for an entire semester a likely cost would be $3,500 +GST per teacher. This would encompass:

  • 5 day visit each term (twice a semester) spending 1 to 1.5 hours per staff member/day
  • 1 to 1.5 hour/day to work with appropriate executive
  • Professional Learning workshop per visit for whole staff during an extended staff meeting (2 hours)
  • Term progress reports to executive staff
 Non-face-to-face meeting with staff
  • 2 x 1 hour per term sessions by Skype ( or appropriate app)
  • Phone contacts at the discretion of individual staff members
  • Email contact

Please note that additional expenses may be incurred should travel, accommodation and other work-related expenses are incurred.

Your full commitment to our services occurs at the end of Phase 2 on your acceptance of our report and proposed program.