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What are we here for?
What is education supposed to bring about?
Is education just for student qualification or does it also involve student socialisation and formation?
Does your school aim to help students to lead independent, responsible and meaningful lives now and in the future?

Quality education requires teachers to not only pay attention to achieving certain outcomes but also to the processes and practices involved. This education is an interaction between meaning-making human beings instead of being an input-processing-outcome model where placing the ‘right’ inputs will generate the desired outcomes.

Traditional workshops and conferences used for the professional development of teachers tend to reinforce the input-processing-output model.


Schools that seek holistic formation of students requires empowering teachers with more meaningful professional learning experiences – opportunities to interact within context, in a continual manner that is appropriate for the needs of the individual educator and school as a whole. Transforming Together seeks to bridge from the current educational culture towards a more collaborative culture. This approach supports the growth of colleagues as well as students by sharing talents, ideas and strategies within a trusting community.

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