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Useful Links

Educational Standards

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST’s)

Australian Professional Standards for Principals (APSP’s)

Australian  Charter for the professional learning of teachers and school leaders (The Charter)

Australian Teacher performance and development framework (The Framework)

The Framework animation

Educational and Research


Coaching / Mentoring

21st Century  PD and Teaching Practices

School Leadership (culture and ethos)

Recommended books

Classroom Practice and curriculum design

“Beyond Control – Heart-centred classroom climate and discipline” by Alan Bandstra
“Teaching redemptively” by  Donovan L Graham
“Kingdom Living in your classroom” by Joy D McCullough
“Desiring the Kingdom” by James K.A.Smith
“Transformation by Design” by National Institute for Christian Education


“Lead with Wisdom” by Mark Strom
“ Revisiting professional learning communities at work” by Richard & Rebecca Dufour, Robert Eaker
“Schooling by Design” by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe
“The leader in me” by Stephen R Covey