Transforming Together | How We Work
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We are the bridge supporting change from your current school culture to a culture of collaborative innovation



Phase 1

  • An initial discussion with all involved stakeholders to identify the vision, mission and needs of the specific context
  • A short presentation to educators as to the roles and activities provided by Transforming Together
  • A call for stakeholders to be involved

Phase 2

  • Planning through collaboration with stakeholders the specific activities, roles and duration required for the context
  • Written report and agreement individualised for the context

Specific Activities

  • Designing, researching and presenting (or commissioning) specific professional learning presentations and workshops tailored for the context
  • Conduct one-to-one interviews with each teacher prior to the experience.
  • Engage in collaborative planning with whole staff and individuals
  • Modelling best practice in the classroom
  • Implementation of classroom observation strategies including instructional rounds, learning walks, and videos of practice
  • Teacher-directed post conference with objective feedback
  • Exploring data together centred on student learning
  • Providing continued support and encouragement in implementing new ideas and strategies

Possible Roles

  • A planner and designer for professional development who ensures training and professional development programmes be customised to the needs of staff,
  • A champion for staff learning who facilitates training for teachers,
  • An on-site coach and mentor who works collaboratively with Senior Teachers and Heads of Departments to mentor teachers and to guide them in best practice
  • A resource person with a source of expertise of good teaching practices
  • A critical friend/sounding board
  • A staff wellbeing sponsor.
  • A cultural change agent for empowerment of teachers as learning designers and innovators