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Transforming Together is a unique consulting business focused on the Educational Professional Development of Christian colleges and schools throughout Australia. We offer a unique set of services where we work with individuals and teams to improve education and teaching practices. Our focus is to to be the bridge to support change from current school culture to a culture of collaborative innovation.

Our point of difference is that we offer an alternative to external training courses.  While these have their place in professional development, we believe that a more targeted approach delivers better results.  We partner with you to understand your needs and collaborate to create a tailored solution specific to your teachers needs.  We then deliver the agreed program onsite and then provide ongoing individual support for your teachers to help embed the learning.

By working with us you receive an external perspective with a unique vantage point.  Other benefits include:

  • Training in, implementation and support of staff collaboration;
  • An enabler of teacher-driven innovation, which is a problem solving process, harnessing the creative talent of educators and students;
  • Empowerment of teachers as creative professionals engaged in an iterative design process built on a foundation of research-informed professional wisdom;
  • A trusted friend, a sounding board, a witness to the good;
  • A person who listens, empathizes, and encourages their colleagues respectfully and non-judgmentally; and
  • An intermediary for confidential discussions.



Instructional coaches and teachers are equal partners


Teachers should have a choice regarding what and how they learn


Professional learning should empower and respect the voices of teachers


Professional learning should enable authentic dialogue


Reflection is an integral part of professional learning


Teachers should apply their learning to their real-life practice as they are learning


Instructional coaches should expect to get as much as they give

Source: Jim Knight


M.ed, Grad.dip.Ed, B.Sc,

Director, Transforming Together

Member, CEPA

Member, NSW/ACT Teacher Accreditation Committee

Allie’s extensive teaching and facilitation experience comes together in her role as Educational Collaborator and Coach with Transforming Together. This role sees her fulfil her passion in coming alongside educators (executive and non-executive) to support the academic, socialisation and formation of students for meaningful current and future living.

Allie by name, your Allied partner by nature. Allie and Transforming Together are passionate about ongoing learning and supporting you to achieve your professional development goals into the future.

Allie’s experience includes teaching and lecturing in a number of private and independent Christian schools. She has performed a variety of roles in this capacity since 1991. She has also fulfilled the role of Educational Collaborator with all staff at Mountains Christian College.

Personally, Allie has been married for 25+ years to a wonderful and supportive husband, with whom she has two teenage children. She is a committed Christian who worships at Drummoyne Baptist Church and has done for over 30 years.

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